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Dr. Earnest Light

Licensed Psychologist in the Province of Ontario

Dr. Light possesses a comprehensive academic background in psychology, complemented by their diverse training in psychotherapy.

Throughout their varied career, Dr. Light has held key roles within mental health facilities, including as a Clinical Psychologist and as Clinical Director of a unit specializing in adolescent crisis intervention, with a particular focus on victims of sexual abuse.

Among their academic roles, Dr. Light have been a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, San Francisco, a grantee of the MacArthur Foundation, and a Fulbright Visiting Scholar in New York. Since relocating to Canada, Dr. Light have been actively engaged in the mental health field in Ontario, working in Toronto and its surrounding areas. Dr. Light have been managing their private practice for many years.

Dr. Light’s expertise spans a range of psychological areas, including anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress, bereavement, and family-related issues.

Currently, Dr. Light is focusing on the psychological dimensions of nursing, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), and palliative care. Dr. Light works to improve the mental health and strength of individuals, couples, and families.